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Author Agreement

Our primary goal is to have the highest quality content available for our users. To fulfill that goal, we have adopted the following Authorship Agreement. In the following agreement, "we"/"us"/"our"/"spotsi" refers to Spotsi, Inc. and includes any of our website properties as well as any of our mobile applications. "You"/"your"/"yours" refers to an entity using our service. "Content" refers to any media (including text, audio, video, and images) which you upload to Spotsi, Inc. via our website, mobile applications, a third party interface, or any other means.

  • Upon transmitting your content to spotsi, you assign us a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license to the content.
    • Perpetual means we can use it indefinitely. You cannot require us to remove the content under any circumstance. You can ask nicely, but we have the final say.
    • Non-exclusive means you retain your copyright and all other rights. We do not procure exclusive rights or prohibit you from using, selling, or transmitting the content in any way.
    • Worldwide means in any country on Earth, via our website, mobile application, or any other means
    • License means we do not infringe upon you or your rights in any way. We simply are allowed to use the content as we see fit.

  • Upon first publishing your content to spotsi, you agree that we may edit, syndicate and reproduce your content as we see fit.
    • We retain the right to edit your content according to internal editorial policies. You will be notified of any edits made to your content.
    • We may syndicate and reproduce your content via any of our online, mobile, or third-party channels without your express consent. You may revoke our right to syndicate any particular piece of content by e-mailing and clearly stating the content which you do not want us to syndicate. If you revoke our right to syndicate, we retain our license to use the content in any websites or mobile applications owned by Spotsi, Inc.
    • Nothing in the syndication agreement restricts your rights to syndicate or reproduce your own content elsewhere.

  • Upon transmitting your content to spotsi, you agree that each of the following are true:
    • The content is not libelous, and does not contain libel.
    • The content is original; that is, the content is of your own creation, not someone else’s, and no part of the content infringes on anyone else’s copyright.
    • You are wholly responsible and liable for any errors in your submission and for any problems, inconveniences, etc. which might arise with anyone from such errors.
    • If we are notified (or otherwise have reason to believe) that your content is in violation of any of the above items, we will open an internal investigation and make efforts to contact you and resolve the issue.

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